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Black Bear Hunting is our life at Foggy Mountain Guide Service. It is not a seasonal sideline for us. It has been our livelihood for over thirty years. Each year we can't wait until the seasons open.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Just read these magazine articles about us and our bear hunts.

"Maine's No. 1 Black Bear Guide - Is this Maine Pro New England's Top Bear Hunter?

Is this Maine Pro New England's Top Bear Hunter? Reprinted from New England Game & Fish, August 2004 issue.

"Wayne Bosowicz has been hunting and studying Maine's black bears for 40 years and is considered one of the top black bear experts in the state..."

"For Wayne Bosowicz, bear hunting is 'a way of life, an American tradition. When I was a kid, I was raised on hunting. I was also taught that it's not so much the kill that matters - it's the quality of the hunt'..."

Click here to read about "Maine's Number 1 Black Bear Guide".

"Living Legend: The Bear Hunter"

Peterson's Hunting Magazine November 2006 cover story Reprinted from Peterson's Hunting, November 2006 issue.

Wayne Bosowicz is the last of the great Maine guides. He came to that point after decades of hunting and haunting the New England woods beginning when he was growing up in the Berkshire forests surrounding the little Massachusetts village of Otis. Civilization finally drove him out of his home state, and later Vermont, as "back-to-nature" refugees and environmentalist fanatics from suburbia began to fill the lower New England backwaters, dominate state legislatures and outlaw many traditional hunting practices.

Long before it was state law, he regularly extracted teeth from his kills to determine age, and sent them to state laboratories for analysis. Former Maine Fish & Wildlife Department director of biological research, George Matula, a nationally-prominent bear biology authority, has been quoted in the prestigious Yankee magazine as saying, "[Bosowicz is] as rare as they come. Hunter. Field scientist. In many ways we have been trying to catch up to him for years."

Click here to read Peterson's Hunting Magazine's "Living Legend: The Bear Hunter".

"Handgunning for Bears"

Peterson's Hunting Magazine November 2006 cover story Reprinted from Peterson's Hunting, November 2006 issue.

When pursuing big bruins with a handgun, bring enough fire power and an expert guide who can put you on the animal before the animal puts himself on you. For that job, there's none better than outfitter Wayne Bosowicz.

Wayne Bosowicz is the best black bear guide I know of. His Foggy Mountain Guide Service is widely recognized as the leading black bear operation in the U.S. I've used handguns to hunt bears with Wayne for nearly twenty years. What little I know about these mysterious, reclusive animals, I've learned from him.

The specific choice is yours, but if you use a minimum .40 caliber, a minimum 200-grain solid deformable bullet and a minimum of 1,000 fps velocity from your chosen gun, you'll have a handgun load that will take any bear that shows itself. If you can stop shaking long enough to shoot.

Click here to read Peterson's Hunting Magazine's "Handgunning For Bear".

"How to Hunt Black Bear"

Handgunning Magazine - How to Hunt Black Bear Reprinted from Handgunning, July/August 1995 issue.

If youve got the nerve to hunt this dangerous game, heres how world-class shooter Doug Koenig and Outdoor Editor Dick Metcalf did it, courtesy of master guide Wayne Bosowiczs Foggy Mountain Guide Service.

Even his competitors agree that Wayne Bosowicz is the best black bear guide in the world, and he says the most productive way to hunt black bear is from a baited blind - a Maine tradition going back nearly 250 years, which is the way that three-times Masters champion Doug Koenig and I hunted last fall...."

Click here to read Handgunning's "How to Hunt Black Bear".

"Masters of the Maine Outdoors - The Hunter"

Masters of the Maine Outdoors - The Hunter Reprinted from Down East - The Magazine of Maine, August 2004 issue.

"When celebrities like Hank Williams, Jr., and rocker Ted Nugent want to bag a bear, who do they hire? Wayne Bosowicz, that's who..."

"Hiring a guide is like anything," says the burly, bearded hunter from Sebec. "If you are a plumber or carpenter, you probably know a little bit about a lot of things, but you have your specialty...we specialize in black bear..."

"People come from all over the world to hunt with us. And everyone who pays the price of the hunt is notable to me..."

Click here to read "Masters of the Maine outdoors - The Hunter".

Bear Hunter's Patience Nets a 425 lb. Trophy

"Retired Teacher's Black Bear has Chance to Make Record Book"

Joanne Chianos had been hunting bears for four days last month in a northwest Maine forest when she heard a distinctive crack. The West Hanover Twp. archer looked down from her tree stand and saw "a huge bear on all fours, looking straight up at me."

She froze in position "with my heart beating so loud I thought he could hear it." They stared at each other as she waited for the bear to get in position for the perfect shot. Seconds later, she drew her bow. Her arrow found its mark, landing a 425-pound black bear that might make the record books for its size.

"That was a thrill of a lifetime," said Chianos.

Click here to read Retired Teacher's Black Bear has Chance to Make Record Book.

Ted Nugent's "What I expect from a hunt"

"Wayne and his team are world-class woodmasters and run one of the finest hunting operations to be found anywhere," says Ted Nugent, "They put their heart and soul into their hunts to provide the very best experience for their hunters. Ted tested, Ted approved. Wayne is a BloodBrother."

"Believe you me, there are good, bad and ugly running wild out there when it comes to hunting operations. Some people simply cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, there are also the best of the best. It's just a matter of finding out who is who. If you think a successful hunt is a result of a higher level of awareness, it's also where we go and who with that makes or breaks that magic season."

"Be prepared. Do your homework, make it perfectly clear what you expect, ask as many hard questions as you can come up with, and don't be afraid to grill 'em before you commit. Forewarned is forearmed and let the buyer beware."

Click here to read Ted Nugent's "What I expect from a hunt".

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