Comments by some of our recent hunters.

We had an excellent experience with Foggy Mountain Guide Service. Brandon was great with answering questions way before the season ever came around. You can tell everyone involved with Foggy Mountain takes a lot of pride in what they do. It’s a place where you can definitely see what bear hunting is about and I know my wife and I will be back!

Kyle Hendershot, Clear Springs, MD, September 2018

Can’t say enough great things about the guys at Foggy Mountain. Brandon goes above and beyond to make sure everyone kills a bear and has a great experience. I highly recommend them to all my fellow hunters. Thanks guys for an amazing first bear kill experience! I’ll be back!

Derek Dixon, Vidalia, GA, September 2018

My son and I hunted with Foggy Mountain Guide service the last week of August 2018 and had a great time. The 5 day hunt started on Monday and by Wednesday we each had a nice bear. We spent the rest of the week fishing (and actually catching) Maine smallmouth bass! An additional thrill was seeing my first moose in the wild.

Dave Paszkiewicz, Kearny, NJ, September 2018

Brandon is very knowledgeable and works hard to put a hunter on a bear. I strongly recommend Foggy Mountain! As a father, I strongly recommend you take your son or daughter. Its a great way to strengthen bonds and create memories!

Dave Paszkiewicz, Kearny, NJ, September 2018

My son-in-law, my Grandaughter and I had a great time. Brandon was wonderful and kept every one safe. Harvested two bears in three days. The dogs were well trained, good with kids and people . We will be coming back.

Aubrey Baudean, Merrero, LA, September 2018

Had a great time, thanks for the experience. Hope to come back and hunt soon. Cabin was great.

Ryan Conley, Findlay, OH, September 2018

Thanks for a great hunt! Truely an experience of a lifetime and we will be back in 2020. Thanks so much.

Paul & Nancy Alitz, Hastings, MN, September 2018

Another great year at Foggy Mountain. Cant wait to get back next season!

Tim Glasscock, Bellaire, OH, September 2018

What a great time I had. 2 years 2 bears. Hard to beat that. Thanks again.

Walter Morse, Humble, TX, September 2018

Great season and pix. Lots of really nice bears. Had a fantastic hunt and Maine experience!

Steve Drasher, Kutztown, PA, September 2018

I want to tell you what a great time we had thanks to your excellent organization, Foggy Mountain Guide Service. I’m ready to round up a hunting partner for next year.

D.L. Roy Harrington, Mathews, NC, September 2017

You have provided my son and I with a fabulous time for three years in a row. The hunting and site locations are outstanding. You and your guides could not be more knowledgeable or helpful. All of your support people are very hospitable and friendly. The conversations during meals (which are terrific) and non hunting time were great fun and very enjoyable. Brandon, you are a true sportsman and professional. We would certainly recommend you to other hunters.

Leon Tragger Sr & Jr, Pennsylvania, September 2017

Just a note of appreciation. I had a good time (as usual). Hope I can come back next year. Thanks for the effort you put forth.

Lester Rhoden, Lyons, GA, September 2017

My wife and I had a remarkable time while hunting with you. The whole experience for both of us will be remembered forever. Even though she didn’t hunt she told me several times that she didn’t want to go home. The lakeside time was very relaxing for her. When I did kill a bear we both were delighted beyond words. Like I told you when I left, ‘I will be back’.

Michel “Scott” Stirn, Brookville, IN, September 2017

Fellow Hunters, I had the great pleasure of bow hunting at Foggy Mountain’s West Branch Camp the second week of the 2017 bear season. Brandon and his guides went beyond my expectations to provide an enjoyable, relaxing and successful experience. I highly recommend booking a hunt with these guys and I guarantee you will enjoy a great experience in the Maine wilderness.

Dan Geer, Farmington, NY, September 2017

Got home at 4am Sunday morning. Grandkids wanted me to get them up to see the bear. Then got it into the freezer. It was well cooled and dry so all was good. Slept a few hours then kids woke me up with breakfast in bed and then we cut him up. Good bit of meat, good bear!

Steve Stratton, Flushing, OH, September 2017

We enjoyed ourselves while we were up there and thank you very much for the accommodations.

Everett Gaff, Indiana, September 2017

I am trying to round up some more people to come with me next year. You have a very professional organization. I had a great time and what a set up you have!

Robert Hartmen, Ridgeway, SC, September 2017

Thanks for the great time. I will never forget all the fantastic things we experienced in such a short time. Getting that bear was icing on the cake.

Joe Bowman, Hamilton, Indiana, September 2016.

Thanks again for a great hunt and experience. At first, I was not sure what to expect, as this was my first hunt outside South Carolina. The lodging was great and the food was more than I expected (Excellent to put it mildly). The hunting and wildlife was spectacular.

Eric Perkins, Pellet, South Carolina, Sept 2013.

I want to thank you and your group. We could not have asked for a better time. Everyone in our group saw bears, and the area to hunt is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Larry Salerno, Seneca Falls, New York, September 2016.

I really had a great time with you guys. The lunch and all that your family put on. All you guys did a great job…I truly hope to get there again.

Ken Copella, Clifton Springs, NY, September 2016.

Thank you for the awesome hunt. I am extremely happy with my first bear. I can’t wait to come back and do it again. The cabin that you put my wife and I in was very nice. As you know, my wife is particular on where she stays and it was above even her standards. This has been one of the best hunting trips I have ever been on, not only killing the bear but catching smallmouth in the river and seeing all the additional wildlife was amazing. I can’t thank you enough.

Aaron Lehnen, Middletown, Missouri, September 2012.

I’d like to say what a wonderful time I and the other three hunters in my hunting party had while hunting with your guides! Everyone was willing to do everything possible to make our hunt a success. Thank you again for a fabulous hunting adventure and I look forward to hunting with you in the future!

Mike Feathers, New Oxford, PA, September 2015.

Thanks for a great visit and a great hunt the first week of the season. Brandon did an excellent job! He was easy to hunt with and was more than willing to share his knowledge of bear hunting and the area we were hunting. The hospitality and accommodations were fantastic.

Frank L. FitzSimons, Summerville, South Carolina, September 2015.

Thank you for the incredible job you did to make my recent archery bear hunt in Maine’s West Branch an awesome success. I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt many parts of the world, and I rarely meet someone as capable as your guide. It’s often difficult to find a professional hunter who knows what it takes to make a good bow hunt – he knows. I look forward to returning to hunt with him again.

Chuck Darnall, Whitehouse, TX, September 2015.

You have a first rate operation. I was impressed with Brandon. His personality, knowledge and effort that he put into helping us with our bears was much appreciated.

Charles Chihasz, Abbeville, South Carolina, September 2015.

Thank you for a great time at bear camp. I had a great time. I got to see everything I hoped for. Had my chance at the bear of my dreams and saw a bear come in from a ladder stand. Two very high things on my bucket list. I’m already starting to save up to make the trip back up next year.

Phil Peltier, West Springfield, MA, September 2015.

Thank you and your team for a great experience. I got my bear on the second day and it was an experience of a lifetime.

David M. Karchner, CT, September 2015.

Thank you and your staff again for the time we had on our bear hunt. I am tickled with my bear. I wanted an above average bear with a dark muzzle and no V. That is exactly what I got. I can’t wait to get the mount. You have a first rate operation.

Cindy Chihasz, Abbeville, SC, September 2015.

We did not get a bear but had a great time. Brandon was great. He has a great personality and seemed very knowledgeable. My wife and I hope to be back again next year for another try.

James Miller, Thorntown, Indiana, September 2015.

Best Trip Ever! I wanted to let you know, that Jack, Ryan and I had the best time ever…We will definitely be up there next year, same time.

Lori Clark, Dallastown, PA, September 2015.

Thanks again for an awesome outdoors adventure. It doesn’t get any better than Foggy Mountain. The staff made my stay feel like being at home. Your guide did a wonderful job guiding me. He was a true pro and I enjoyed his knowledge of Maine wildlife. Thanks again and I’ll see you next year.

Eric Meschke, Jackson, MI, September 2014.