Annual Wild Game Dinner at Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson's annual Wild Game Dinner
Thanks to meat donated by Foggy Mountain hunters and may others, Smith & Wesson’s annual Wild Game Dinner raises thousands of dollars for local charities.
Brandon Bishop at Smith & Wesson
Brandon enjoying his visit with the Smith & Wesson folks

Had a fun evening at the Smith & Wesson wild game dinner. Big thanks to all our hunters for the bear meat that was donated!

Non-Stop Rabbit Action

rabbit hunting at Foggy Mountain
The hounds had fun today

Maine rabbit hunts
Snowshoe Hare for Dinner!
Leon from PA came up for a visit and we had a good day in the bunny patch. Non stop action all day long!

Deer Season Smashah

Maine deer hunting
Rebecca filled her tag!

Bec closed out our deer season with this smashah!!!!! Cat season opens Friday bring on the snow!!