We have a long history of satisfied customers who have enjoyed their Foggy Mountain hunting experience.

Here in their own words are excerpts from the letters of some those outdoor enthusiasts.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center

Dear Wayne, Wayne The Bear Hunter:

We at Smith & Wesson and the Performance Center pride ourselves as being World Class suppliers of firearms by offering exceptional value and customer service and by exceeding our customers expectations. We could all take lessons from you and your staff and family.

You always find time to answer questions, conduct and interview or just visit. It was a real pleasure hosting Outdoor Writers at your first class operation.

Great hunt, Great accommodations, Great company, Great job!

Good Hunting,

Thomas J. Kelly
Business Manager
Smith & Wesson Performance Center

National Rifle Association
Wayne Bosowicz at NRA Convention

Dear Wayne,

It was a quality hunt conducted by professionals from start to finish.

I will never forget those two good bear that came to my bait. Even though they are still roaming the “Big Country” for another hunter, I will always remember vividly their visits to my stand.

Good luck and may bear hunting continue for all time.

Earl Shelsby
Editor, National Rifle Association of America
Publishers of the American Hunter

LL Bean

Dear Wayne,

I enjoyed the time spent together and the opportunity to learn more about you and your operation. Your knowledge of bear and their habits and the country you hunt were very impressive. It became apparent, though, that much of your success is the result of plain hard work and a commitment to giving your clients the best quality hunt.

I can honestly say that I know very few outfitters that take care of the details like you do. And, as you know, those details can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a walk in the woods.

Thomas Ackerman
L.L. Bean

State of Maine Governor Joseph Brennan

Dear Mr. Bosowicz:

Congratulations on your recent selection as Americas Guide/Outfitter of the Year.

Your selection is indeed an honor for you and your family and community as well as the entire State of Maine.

Best of luck to you.